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Ozark, Alabama
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New Website Feature


Dale County Sheriff’s Office

Contact: Sheriff Wally Olson






Dale County Sheriff’s Office Launches New Website Feature


The Dale County Sheriff’s Office launched a website in July 2015.


Our Website – www.daleso.com  – provides details on all aspects of the Sheriff’s Office. One of our goals when developing the new Website was to provide a centralized location for current information such as press releases and where sex offenders are living in the county.


We are pleased to announce that we have now added a jail roster to the site. We invite the community to visit our site at www.daleso.com/roster_choose.php to view the new jail roster. 

Having the jail roster online will allow the public to view photos and booking details for individuals in the jail as well as those released within the last 48 hours.


For those who are signed up to receive email/text notifications from our office who are interested in receiving a daily (as needed) roster update, please change your subscription to include the new Inmate Roster option (www.daleso.com/alerts_lookup.php). The upgraded text alert system will use either a new five-digit code (96167) or the ten-digit telephone number used previously (470-219-3777).



For more information about the Website please email info@daleso.com,  or visit www.daleso.com.